Little Indian, ASRR June – July 2016


Exhibition dates: Tuesday 28th June – Friday 15th July 2016

Address: Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University, New Cross, London SW14 6NW

ASRR is pleased to present Little Indian as second artist, part of series of display exhibitions at Womens Art Library at Goldsmiths University.

Little Indian is a South London based artist and independent activist, who has worked in health and social support in the UK for over 15 years. She also worked in a boy’s remand centre in Labadi, Ghana and is in the process of setting up a worker’s cooperative with the friends she made during her time there. She also has family in Trinidad and is planning to collaborate with her cousin on a women and girl’s faction in the ghettos. She attended university in her late 20’s and gained a degree in politics with herself directed studies focussing on women and girls in the DRC and the feminisation of poverty, the collapse of African states over the last 25 years, a critique of the UN and global governance, Leonard Peltier and the American Indian movement and other indigenous uprisings. Working so closely with vulnerable people in the UK and Ghana has influenced her art and politics and her current exhibition at The Women’s Art Library features Mexican folklore, history and politics inspired art in a solidarity protest against Donald Trump.

Women of Colour Catalogue Artist references:

Nina Edge
Chila Burman
Maud Sultar

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